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The annual conference of the Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image (SCSMI) welcomes you to the Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, June 11th – 14th, 2017

SCSMI2017 Helsinki program is under construction and changes are to occur. Meanwhile you may complete your personal information with a photo and some tags, so the other attendees and speakers will get to know more of you and your interests, and vice versa.

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Jelena Rosic

PhD cand. Arts/MSc Research CogSci/MA/MA/film editor
Jelena Rosic’s (MA; MA; PhD cand. NeuroCine, Aalto University; collab. Enactive Virtuality Lab, Tallinn University; MSc Research student, University of Vienna & Medical University Vienna) research combines empirical phenomenology and neuroimaging insights with the background of embodied cognitive film studies and film expertise. Within neurocinematics studies, she participated in developing systematic annotation methods of film stimuli for optimised linking of cinematic features to fMRI data. This quest for bringing together different levels of analysis further led her to explore epistemological and methodological aspects of neurophenomenology and to study cognitive science focusing on cognitive neuroscience, and cognitive modelling/computational approaches and methods. She completed training in the microphenomenological interview and analysis methods for systematic phenomenological analysis and integration with neuroscience paradigms. Her research interest within neurophenomenology considers correlational as wellas co-constitutional approaches while exploring methodological commitments for naturalising phenomenological data. She also works in applied HCI research and as a professional film editor.
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Wednesday, June 14

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